Seychelles risk of Red List with Tourists using Clinics with a single PCR machine

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Tourists are being warned to stay away from small clinics that issue Fit to fly travel certificates for fear they may be rejected at international borders.

The small private clinics have only one PCR machine and issue certificates to travelers without carrying out the test correctly.

PCR testing machines are incredibly sensitive and require constant calibration and servicing. Given that these small one PCR machine laboratories in Seychelles are not operated from a dedicated laboratory the question must arise of what would happen in the case of a PCR machine malfunction. The answer must be that the test cannot be performed perhaps for several weeks until a replacement machine is procured and then tested, calibrated and verified by the Ministry of Health. This would require inter-lab checks to ensure its accuracy which again takes time.

Quite a few countries like France, UK, Israel and Italy are now testing passengers on arrival despite also requiring everyone to arrive with a negative certificate. It is only a matter of time that these algorithms in these countries will show that the certificates being issued in Seychelles are not reliable as positive cases appear. Whilst it is possible to contract Covid in between taking your pre-departure test and arriving, if the pre-departure tests are not being done correctly and there is a large number of Covid cases coming from Seychelles, Seychelles will be deemed a risk country with invalid fit to fly certificates and put on that countries red list.

It is therefore simply not ethical for a small private clinic to have one machine to be able to provide international fit to fly certification risking Seychelles to be put on Red Lists due to certificates not being reliable. This would once again destroy the Tourism Industry in Seychelles.

The only private lab in Seychelles that has multiple testing equipment, a fully compliant negative pressure laboratory with separate entrance and exits to the Lab with full bio safety cabinets and bio metic security and which is dedicated to only PCR testing and international evaluation is Seychelles Medical Private Testing.

Seychelles Medical has clinics located all over Seychelles and can also be found at the international Airport.

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